The beach of Somo is the center of operation chosen by the organization.

From there, the championship will be developed on the same break of Somo, being able to transfer the championship to different beaches like Langre, El Sardinero, Canallave for meteorological reasons and parts of waves.

Somo is the main tourist destination and the most populated town of Ribamontán al Mar. It communicates with Pedreña, in the municipality of Marina de Cudeyo, through the famous Somo Bridge. You can also make a beautiful trip on the boats that connect the Puntal and Somo with the capital of Cantabria.

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The main attraction is its kilometers of beaches, with one end in the arenal of the strut, enormous tongue of dunes that goes into the bay. Somo has a promenade from which you have beautiful views of the Bay of Santander. The town offers a wide variety of services and tourist facilities.

How to get

Where to stay

Clicking this link, you will find the accommodations offered by the municipality to be able to stay during the championship.