Open the term of inscriptions for the championship.

We are pleased to inform you that, from this moment, and through this link, the registration deadline for the Kneeboard World Championship to be held on the beach of Somo is open between September 30th and October 8th 2017

Clicking on the link will open an online store, where you will start with pre-registration. After completing the purchase process, you must, with the order number, make the payment by bank transfer in the account number that is specified in the purchase. Once the entry and confirmed by the organization, you will automatically be registered receiving a confirmation e-mail from the organization.

Among the categories, you must choose between Open Men or Open Women. Additionally, you will automatically be enrolled in the second category that corresponds to your age.

OPEN MASCULINO Todas las edades Masculino
OPEN FEMENINO Todas las edades Femenino.
CADETE Cadete, Menos de 16 años
JUNIOR Junior, de 17 a 19 años
PRO-JUNIOR Pro-Junior, de 20 a 29 años
SENIOR Senior, de 30 a 39 años
MASTER Master, de 40 a 44 años
GRAN MASTER Gran Master, de 45 a 49 años
VETERANO Veterano, de 50 a 54 años
KAHUNA Kahuna, de 55 a 59 años
LEYENDA Leyenda, de 60 a 63 años
INMORTAL Inmortal, mas de 64 años

Any doubts that you have with the inscriptions, as with any other point of the championship, do not hesitate to contact us through this email address.


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