Cantabria World Kneeboard Championship ISA 2017

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September 30 to October 8, 2017

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The championship will start on September 30, 2017, and will last until October 8. Saturday September 30th will be the Welcome Gala, where they will be presented to the participants. On Sunday, October 1, the competition will begin, being Somo, the place chosen by the organization as its headquarters. Soon,...


The beach of Somo is the center of operation chosen by the organization. From there, the championship will be developed on the same break of Somo, being able to transfer the championship to different beaches like Langre, El Sardinero, Canallave for meteorological reasons and parts of waves. Somo is the...


We are pleased to present you the official list of Cantabria World Kneeboard Champions ISA 2017. As you know, the championship will start next Saturday, September 30 at the beach of Somo and from then until October 8, Cantabria and Somo will be the world cradle of the Kneeboard. Very...
Club Kneeboard Cantabria


“Excited to be able to organize this World Cup, we tell you a little about our history. How the Club was born and why we are here”.

The Kneeboard Sports Club Cantabria is an AUTONOMOUS AND WITHOUT PROFIT, which has its own legal personality, with full capacity to act. It is independent of political parties, religious denominations or trade union organizations. Currently, the Kneeboard Sports Club Cantabria is endorsed by the Federation Cantabra Surf, being its scope of action the Autonomous Community of Cantabria and extending to the rest of the country, as well as to Europe and other continents due to the strong worldwide repercussion That the event has had in recent years. The aim of the club is to promote the sport of surfing in general and the Kneeboard in particular.

Although this modality had been practiced since long before, its first official representative institution was in North America in 1973 creating American Kneeboard Association (AKA) and extending later by the world and arriving at our autonomous community, in which day to day Add more followers.

The organization of such a sporting event in Europe is a pioneering project. This promotes the spread of this sport, the companionship, and the contact of veteran athletes with the new generations of kneeboarders. The surf movement mobilizes thousands of fans and fans, being a very attractive claim for young people and adolescents who can find in the kneeboard a way to occupy their free time in a healthy way channeling their energy for the sport.

The Kneeboard Club Cantabria was created in 2007 ascribing itself to the Cantabria Federation of Surf from its beginnings participating in its activities and being member of its assembly.
Among the objectives that guide this club is the promotion and legitimation of surfing in general and the Kneeboard in particular, spreading it with a daily practice and encouraging sportsmanship in their competitions and where they call us.

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In collaboration with
FES, Federación Española de Surf
FCS, Federación Cántabra de Surf
ISA, International Surfing Association
KSI, Kneeboard Surf International
Club Kneeboard Cantabria

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